Susan Arney   


Artist lleol, mae fy arddull yn symud rhwng gwaith ffigurol ac haniaethol. Rwy'n chwiilio am gwybodath y gofodau a'r onglau yn y tirwedd, boed yn daearegol, hanesyddol neu'n diwydiannol, gan symleiddio manylion yn siapiau fflat i rhoi argraff o patrymau a strwythyrau gwaelodol.

Local artist, my style moves between figurative and semi abstract. I look for the planes and angular information in the landscape, whether it is geological, historical or industrial, simplifying details into shapes and patterns to blend imagination with reality.

POA for these works

Machine - Gouache

10" x 31" unframed

Southern - Gouache

7.5" x 9.5" unframed 

Palmerston - Gouache

7.7" x 9.5" unframed

SAT - Gouache

12" x 7.5" unframed

Patricia Aspinall

Contact details: 07539223605



I studied Art back in the early 80's at Bangor Foundation Art Course for a year. I then went on to Crewe and Alsager college to play around for three years on a Creative Arts Degree. I spent some years in Switzerland at a Rudolf Steiner Camphill for adults with learning disabilities . Its here I put Goethe theory of colour into my Art practice. I have recently come back to North Wales after having spent many years down South nurturing an Arts organisation for adults with learning disabilities called ' Bloomin' Arts' . 


Since my return I find I have rediscovered my love of painting land and sky scapes . There is such inspiration to be had in the sea, sky and mountains.

Astudiais Celf yn ôl yn yr 80au cynnar ar gwrs Celf Sylfaenol ym Mangor am flwyddyn. Yna es ymlaen i goleg Crewe ac Alsager i chwarae o gwmpas am dair blynedd ar Radd yn y Celfyddydau Creadigol. Treuliais rai blynyddoedd yn y Swistir yn y Rudolf Steiner Camphill ar gyfer oedolion ag anableddau dysgu. Dyma lle nes i roi theori lliw Goethe yn fy ymarfer Celf.

Yn ddiweddar, rwyf wedi dod yn ôl i Ogledd Cymru ar ôl treulio blynyddoedd lawer i lawr yn y De yn meithrin sefydliad Celfyddydau ar gyfer oedolion ag anableddau dysgu o'r enw 'Bloomin' Arts'.

Ers i mi ddychwelyd, rwyf wedi ailddarganfod fy hoffter o baentio tirweddau a morluniau. Mae cymaint o ysbrydoliaeth i'w gael or môr, yr awyr a'r mynyddoedd.

Pont y Pandy slate Mill

Oil 25 x 29 cms £60

The Gorse 25 x 20cm oil £40

Blaenau Ffestiniog 100x  50 cm oil £300

Hedgerow Parsley 30 x 80cm oil  £150

Rosalie Bissell

My inspirations are many and varied - I am too fickle to want to pursue the same line of inquiry to the exclusion of others; the same applies to the range of materials that I use. 


I enjoy the challenge of finding something new to say and hope that my work demonstrates life from a slightly different point of view.

I can be contacted at

Apple - pastel


Shades of Grey- Criccieth Castle

Charcoal  £120

Still Life - pastel  nfs

Terrence Bunce 





I create work that rebels against the endless cacophony of mass-produced products that are increasingly permeating our world. I use a variety of techniques to produce my pottery. To decorate the pieces I use locally inspired glazes and gather clay and minerals from the mountains of Snowdonia , firing mainly by reduction. The mountains around my home in North Wales abound with inspiration to enable me to produce a fine range of pottery and sculpture. My work also reflects my love of Japanese pottery.


Two bottles and a jug

Tea set - Set te



Andi Chell    

Andi's work is not presently for sale but will be again after lockdown. Please email for further details.

I am a local mixed-media artist with a specialism in textiles. I take inspiration from the local environment, in particular the meadows and the sea.

Arlunydd lleol yn defnyddio cymysgedd o ddefnyddiau dw i, yn arbenigo mewn tecstilau. Dw i'n cael fy nylanwadu gan y lliwiau yn yr amgylchedd lleol, yn enwedig y dolydd a'r môr.

Pwllheli Dunes 60 x 20 cms

Sunset 33 x 33 cms

Meadow 18 x 18 cms               Poppy Meadow 33 x 33 cms

Ann Day   


Facebook Ann Day Criccieth

I am hugely influenced by the power, beauty and drama of the local landscape. I am exploring the use of paint in response to the drama and landscape of the Llyn and Snowdonia, trying to simplfy what I see to encompass the mood of a place, shape and colours.

Criccieth Rocks 32 x 32" £275 Framed

Calm rocks 25 x 33" framed £250

Rough Coast 10 x 10" £55 framed

Cwm Orthyn rocks 25 x 21" £225 framed

Natasha Etchells


My love of landscape and seascape stems from the area surrounding my home which is situated in the most beautiful part of North Wales, Snowdonia National park. I am continuously inspired by the mountains, sea, rocks and changing light. Having tried different media, I now work mainly in pastels and acrylics, I particularly like their versatility and vibrancy. I often use palette knife rather than brushes when working in acrylics as it gives me more freedom of expression.



Contact me:

Criccieth Castle  Castell Criccieth 

Acrylic on board   £90 

Chapel Rhosydd, near Cwmorthin

Pastel £70

My 'Steel Life'  

Pastel £80

Phil Green  



​My work is about landscape and what lies beneath the surface. Painting is a search for gestual equivalents in nature and what exists through association. Not representational but an interpretation of a time or place.

Please contact me directly regarding sales.

Skyland 4

mixed media on board 50 x 50 cms

Blaenau Ffestiniog 3

mixed media on board 67 x 67 cms

Blue Hills 1

mixed media on board 57 x 57 cms

Llinos Griffin


B'aswn i'n disgrifio fy hun fel dipyn o bioden - yn casglu fy holl ddeunyddiau o'r traeth i'w gwnio ar gynfas. Es i allan un diwrnod i gasglu plastig o draeth Morannedd yng Nghricieth a do'n i wir ddim yn siwr os oedd posib rhoi rhaffau yn y bin ailgylchu felly penderfynais ei olchi a dechrau creu darnau celf. Dw i wastad yn licio'r syniad o greu pethau o 'ddim byd' - mae'r lliwiau yn anhygoel hefyd. Tir/morluniau a byd natur ydi thema'r rhan fwyaf o'm gwaith ac mae gwnio'r darnau yma i bobl yn therapi llwyr.


I'd describe myself as a bit of a magpie - picking up all of my materials from the beach to sew on canvas. One day I went out to pick up plastic from Morannedd beach in Cricieth and I honestly wasn't sure if I could put the plastic ropes in the recycling bin so I decided to wash them and started created pieces of art, I always like the idea of creating things out of 'nothing' - the colours are amazing too. The themes of my work are mainly land/seascape and nature and sewing these pieces is pure therapy.






Teitl: Bilidowcar (cormorant)

Cyfrwng/Medium: Rhaffau plastig o'r môr / Plastic rope from sea

Maint / Dimensions: A2

Pris/Price: £85

Teitl: Gwanwyn 2020

Cyfrwng/Medium: Rhaffau plastig o'r môr / Plastic rope from sea

Maint / Dimensions: A2


Teitl: Tywydd stormus (Stormy weather)

Cyfrwng/Medium: Rhaffau plastig o'r  môr / Plastic rope from sea

(dim wedi fframio/not framed)

Maint / Dimensions: A5

Pris / Price: £30.


Teitl: Dolffiniaid yn Dawnsio (Dancing Dolphins)

Cyfrwng/Medium: Rhaffau plastig o'r môr / Plastic rope from sea

(dim wedi fframio/not framed)

Maint / Dimensions: A5

Pris / Price: £30.

Catrin Gwilym 

Difyrrwch llefydd a’u harwyddocad sydd yn mynd â fy mryd, ac er nad yw bobl byth yn ymddangos yn fy ngwaith, mae eu holion yn aml i’w gweld. Ffotograffiaeth yw fy man cychwyn, ond gall hyn arwain at waith amlgyfrwng neu gosodiadau ar brydiau, a’r nod yw portreadu y rhyfeddol yn y pethau cyffredin.

Rhan o brosiect ‘Neuadd Goffa Penrhyndeudraeth’ sydd yma, a hynny er cof am y Cwrs Celf Addysg Gydol Oes imi ei astudio yno. Portread ydyw o’r terfyn ar gyfleoedd dysgu yn y gymuned, a’r tro ar fyd mwyach mewn cydgyfarfod yn sgil Y Cofid-19, a sut mae coffhau hyn i gyd.


The appeal and significance of places is central to my work, and although people never appear their traces are often to be found. Photography is my starting point, which can lead on to mixed-media or installation work, with the intent to portray the remarkable in the mundane.

The ‘Penrhyndeudraeth Memorial Hall’ project is in rememberance of the Lifelong Learning Art Course that I studied there. It is a thanksgiving for educational opportunities in the community as well as a memorial to past interactions in these new times of Covid-19.

Hawlfraint/Copyright: Catrin Gwilym

Manylion Cyswllt/Contact Details:

Sarah Hartill 

Sarah Hartill BA Hons (Visual Art) -


I mostly paint figuratively, concentrating on people and still life subjects. The Boston Lodge paintings are a visual record of Ffestiniog Railway workshop volunteers busy with the restoration of the steam engine ‘Welsh Pony’. I really enjoyed the challenge of painting the sunlight shining through the large doors into the dark interior, silhouetting some figures against the bright light and highlighting the engineering paraphernalia inside the workshop.


Boston Lodge Works, Ffestiniog Railway - ‘Welsh Pony‘ Restoration - No. 7

Acrylic on canvas

Size 27cm x 22cm including simple white wooden frame (canvas 18cm x 12.5cm)


Boston Lodge Works, Ffestiniog Railway - ‘Welsh Pony‘ Restoration - No. 1

Acrylic on canvas

Size 40cm x 32cm including simple white wooden frame (canvas 30cm x 23cm)



Boston Lodge Works, Ffestiniog Railway - ‘Welsh Pony‘ Restoration - No. 4

Acrylic on canvas

Size 40cm x 32cm including simple white wooden frame (canvas 30cm x 23cm)


Boston Lodge Works, Ffestiniog Railway - ‘Welsh Pony‘ Restoration - No. 8

Acrylic on canvas

Size 27cm x 22cm including simple white wooden frame (canvas 18cm x 12.5cm)


No. 7

No. 4

No. 1

No. 8

Callie Jones  


Yn ddiweddar, rwyf wedi cynhyrchu lluniau linocuts a llunia inc ac ysgrifbin, wedi'u hysbrydoli gan y tirluniau dramatig a'r bywyd gwyllt sy'n amgylchynu fy nghartref, sydd ar fferm yng Nghlynnog Fawr ger Caernarfon.

I'm an artist and printmaker producing linocuts and pen and ink drawings inspired by landscapes and wildlife that surround my studio at our farmhouse near Clynnog Fawr, near Caernarfon.

1. Travel posters - digital print with giclée (non fade) inks. Unframed and sent to you in a cardboard tube.


    Can be ordered in 3 sizes:


    A3 - £45

    A2 - £65

    A1 - £85

I have a range of these travel style posters which can be ordered in the three sizes. Contact me on to see the other posters I have available.

2. Greetings card range - £2.50 each or 5 cards for £10


3. Tea towels made from natural cotton using eco friendly inks - £10 each or 3 for £18.


4. Curlew bags made from recycled and fairtrade natural cotton. Printed with ecofriendly inks -  £14.50 each or 2 for £25



Contact details:

Callie Jones illustrator



Facebook: @calliejonesillustrator


Rebecca Kitchin   

Rebecca Kitchen BA works in mixed media specialising in portraits of people, animals and steam trains. She has worked as a professional illustrator for the past fifteen years with many blue chips clients and illustrated several books.

Contact:      07854672364



Artist and Illustrator Rebecca Kitchin BA

Dark Horse 70 x 60 cms  £595

Earl of Meirioneth nfs

Will Young   nfs

Taylor  nfs

Jane Lelliott   


I make pottery inspired by my love of the flora, fauna and landscape in the area I live. I work in both stoneware and terracotta, handbuilding and wheel thrown, making functional and sculptural pieces. They are then fired either in an electric or gas kiln.


Platter and bowl. Platter - earthenware clay with white glaze, sgraffito design and driftwood handle.  Bowl - earthenware clay, slip with sgraffito decoration outside, glaze inside, driftwood handle. nfs



Three bowls, earthenware clay with slip and sgraffito decoration outside, glaze inside, one with driftwood handle. nfs

Jugs - earthenware clay, slip and graffito design outside, glaze inside with driftwood handles. nfs

Val Lewin   



My heart is drawn to folklore and special places, misty horizons, stormy seas and mossy woods. I weave these themes with washes of pattern and colour.

During 2020 and the assorted lockdowns I began experimenting with acrylic ink. I love it’s fluidity and gentle colours, it suited my frame of mind and, combined with the joy of painting on cotton rag paper, I discovered a new style that consumed me.

Also I found time for more enamelling.

Enamel is made using finely powdered, coloured glass. I kiln fire it onto copper at around 800 degrees Celsius which hardens it to a smooth surface. By experimenting with different colours, temperatures and anything from three to six firings all sorts of beautiful effects are created. The pieces are filed, polished and buffed then either fitted with silver hooks or chains and the brooches assembled.  I am now a member of the Guild of Enamellers

In September I was lucky enough to join the artisans at POP in Porthmadog.


Trwyn Du Lighthouse, Anglesey

£195.00  Painting

21 x 30cm (43 x 53cm including frame)

Orange flowers with green stems  £120.00  Painting

20 x 20cm (33 x 33cm including frame)

Ian Marsh

My work is slab, coiled and extruded ceramics decorated with textures, slips and glazes. 

Mae fy ngwaith yn serameg slab, torchog a allwthiol haddumo a gweadau, slipiau a gwydreddau.

Slab vases Slab fasau

12 to 19 cm tall

Slab Dish Dysgl slabiau

30 by 20 cm

Textured slab vases

Fasys slabiau gweadog

18 to 22 cm tall

Extruded bottles Poteli allwthiedig

16 cm tall

Terry Mills


I’ve had a camera since my early teens but never took it seriously until I bought an SLR for a hitchhiking trip round USA, Canada and Mexico in 1978.

After that photography became very much a passion. I taught myself how to do darkroom work and learnt more as I went along.

As time went by, I became more competent and took on odd commissions including the occasional wedding.

It wasn’t until I moved to Wales in 2001 that I bought my first digital camera which I felt to be a revolution. Everything was directly under my control.

These days, I enjoy portraiture and street photography. My hobby can be exciting and takes me to places I wouldn’t ordinarily go. And I meet all sorts of interesting people and love to capture their image.

I like to see my photographs used, so I do quite a lot of promotional community stuff. I take on projects - social documentary photography is an important part of recording history and life around us.

I would hope this side of my photography will eventually be lodged in the Archives at Caernarfon.

Terry Mills, CPAGB, AWPF, Hon NWPA.

Vase of Wild Flowers

Bardsey Island

in camera double exposure

Terry Mills by Lorraine

Portrait of Lynda Roberts

Portrait of Su Walls

Stephen John Owen  



Ganwyd Stephen John Owen yn 1959 yng Nghernarfon. Yn artist hunan ddysgedig cafodd William Selwyn, ei athro celf ddylanwad mawr arno ac er iddo ddilyn gyrfaoedd eraill yn union wedi gadael ysgol parhaodd arlunio yn bwysig iddo ac erbyn heddiw mae Stephen ei hun yn cynnal gwersi a gweithdai gan rannu ei wybodaeth a'i sgiliau yntau gydag eraill. Mae ei waithh poblogaidd, sy'n adnabyddus i lawer, ac mewn casgliadau preifat ar draws y wlad.



Stephen John Owen was born in Caernarfon in 1959. A self taught artist, his art teacher William Selwyn was a big influence and although he followed other career paths when he left school, art remained important to Stephen and today he takes classes and workshops and shares his information and skills with others. His popular work is known to many and can be found in many private collections in Wales and further afield.

Carys Meurig Parry   




Facebook; Llwyn Derw

Mae Carys o Borthmadog ac mae ganddi stiwdio ac Oriel yn Llwyn Derw. Mae'n arlunio mewn acrylic neu olew, tirluniau yn bennaf wedi ei ysbrydoli gan yr ardal hardd o'i chwmpas.


Carys is from Porthmadog and has a studio and gallery in Llwyn Derw. She paints in Acrylic or oil, mainly landscapes inspired by her beautiful surroundings.



Since the Exhibitions for the year have been postponed and galleries have closed  because of the Lockdown I have stopped painting on canvas and use acrylic paper instead and have been experimenting with Mixed Media.(This faciltates easier postage)

Gan fod yr arddangosfeydd wedi eu gohirio a'r orielau wedi cau oherwydd y Clo Mawr nid wyf  yn peintio ar ganfas bellach ond ar bapur acrylic ac yn arbrofi gyda Chyfrwng Cymysg.(Mae hyn yn gwneud postio y haws).


All are Mixed Media on Acrylic A3 Paper unmounted and unframed £50 + P&P

Eglws Sant Cwyfan

Porth Towyn.

Ysgoldy, Ynys Enlli

Carreg Bach, Ynys Enlli

Gwladys Roberts


Gwladys Roberts -

Rwy’n hoffi ffotograffiaeth yn enfawr a byddaf yn cymryd llun o unrhyw beth sy’n symud - neu ddim. Dechreuais fy nhaith ffotograffig yn tynnu lluniau o'r tirwedd ac yna symydais ymlaen i dynnu lluniau dogfennol o ffermwyr yn yr arwerthiant yn Nolgellau. Mae hyn wedi fy nechrau i dynnu mwy o lunia pobol yn y stryd, ac dwi yn gobeithio nad ydynt yn wybodol fy mod wedi tynnu ei llun. Dwi hefyd wedi tynnu llunia o bobol fel portread o’r person, mae Boris a Liam, y morwr ifanc, yn esiampl o hyn.

I am passionate about photography and will take an image of anything that moves - or doesn’t. I started my photographic journey taking photographs of the landscape and then graduated to documentary photographs of farmers of at the sale in Dolgellau. This has led me to taking more photos of people, in the street, hopefully, unaware of my taking the photo.

​Digital files – can also be printed at 36 x 24cms landscape or portrait images are 24 x 36cms

Mounted Prints 40 x 50cms £30 - please contact me for the prices of different sizes.

Window Reflections

Cob Crwn Reflections

Cob Reflections

Mick Rogers 


01758 612216


I work in the medium of kiln-formed glass to make 3D glass pictures and glass bowls.


Abstract Bowl – approx.. 30 cm square - £150.00


Abstract Bowl 1 - approx. 25 cm square - £100.00


Snowdon – approx. 45 cm high x 30 cm wide - £200.00


The Llyn – approx. 45 cm square - £150.00


All are kiln-formed glass fired at a high temperature. Snowdon and The Llyn are glass pictures in a stainless-steel frame.


Mick Rogers studied at the world-famous International Glass Centre in Stourbridge, West Midlands. His work has been exhibited in major galleries throughout England and Wales, and has been sold to collectors throughout the world.

Abstract Bowl


Abstract Bowl 1

The Llyn

Nikki Seears 


Ffôn/Phone 01766 590240





Facebook; @dwyrydceramics

Instagram; @dwyryd_ceramics

Hi I'm Nikki, from Dwyryd ceramics. I make ceramics inspired by the ocean and the natural world. I spend my free time clearing up plastics from the beaches and have been trying to incorporate some discarded fishing rope in some of my pieces to raise awareness of the ghost net issue. If you would like to purchase a piece of my work please email me at , and lots more examples of my work can be found on my instagram page @dwyryd_ceramics


'Plastic tides' Ceramic Jug

Approx jug height16cm x 10cm width, driftwood handle height 30cm with ghost net handle

Price £60


'waves of hope' ceramic mug

Handpainted mug, approx 7cm by 10cm

Price £35


'Humpback whale' driftwood and ceramic wall hanging

17cm by 46cm

Price £60


'green turtle' ceramic mug

Hand painted mug approx 7cm by 10cm

Price £35

Humpback Whale

Green Turtle

Waves of Hope

Plastic Tides

Kiran Sharma

Kiran Sharma is an artist and printmaker based in North Wales.

'new hopes rise
like sunshine spreading over a meadow
dissolving old burdens of pain
rebuking memories of disappointment' 

R Sharma


Camellia 10 x 15 cm

mixed media unframed £50

snowy snape - 15.5 x 16.5 cm

wood engraving and mixed media

framed £45

'the two' 10 x 10 cm

mixed media unframed £35

Carole Shearman 

Melin Pant yr Ynn  Blaenau Ffestiniog LL41 3LZ  



Ffôn/Phone 07779210681.


Rwyf fi'n mwynhauu gweithio gyda lliw a gwead gan ddefnyddio yr wyf wedi eu darganfod neu eu hailgylchu mewn ffordd reddfol ac ar hap. Mae fy ngwaith yn cynnwys 'cyfryngau cymysg', 'argraffu a 'chreu llyfrau', sydd yn aml yn cydredeg wrth ochr projectau creadigol eraill.


I love working with textures and colours, found objects and recycled materials, in a random intuitive way. I use printing, mixed media and book making as part of my process often alongside other creatives.

Sometimes Traces Remain


Last summer I had a rust garden outside the mill, a collection of abandoned art work with rusty metal and found objects from the quarry. I left these to the devices of the weather, time, and slugs and snails.


This spring I brought in the tattered and stained remains with withered autumn leaves. After drying and flattening I have worked on top of these with colours and gold paint, endeavouring to reveal the hidden and enhance the discarded.


Traces  39 x 31 cm £100

Walk up the Lane 1 - 3

Oil Stick on card nfs

Bill Swann and Meic Watts

Pictures in Glass and Slate   Gwydr a Llechi


Telephone 01766 770686 Mobile 07748668957



Following a career in management ceramics and PR Bill returned to university to complete a BA Hons degree in Glass Design.

An exhibition of Bill's work was featured to coincide with the opening of the National Glass Museum in Sunderland. Bill has exhibited throughout the UK, Holland, Germany, New York and Japan. He has work in the collection of the Museum of Arts and Crafts Hamburg, Germany.

Public commissions include a glass etched screen for Pwllheli Town Hall and glass panels in the Ganolfan Hamdden Leisure Centre Porthmadog and National Writers Centre for Wales.

Bill carries out public and private commissions for both internal and external environments.

His work is made from mouth blown lead crystal glass and is collaged and kiln worked.

Bill works from his glass studio in Porthmadog, Snowdonia, Wales.


Yn dilyn gyrfa mewn rheolaeth, crochenwaith a chysylltiadau cyhoeddus, fe ddychwelodd Bill Swann i Brifysgol i gwblhau cwrs BA Anrhydeddus mewn Dylunio, yn arbenigo mewn gwydr. Fe gydreydodd arddangos i waith gyda agoriad o'r National Glass Museum yn Sunderland. Mae Bill wedi arddangos ei waith drwy Brydian, Yr Iseldiroedd, Yr Almaen a Siapan.

Gwelir ei waith yng nghasaliad yn Amgueddfa Celf a Chrefft yn Hambuurg, Yr Almaen. Mae ei gomisiynau cyhoeddus yn cynnwys sgriniau gwydr wedi eu ysgythru ar gyfer Neuadd Y Dref Pwllheli a phaneli gwydr a cherflun i Ganolfan Hamdden Porthmadog.

Mae Bill yn cyflawi comisiynau cyhoeddus a phreifat ar gyfer amgylcheddau allanol a mewnol.

Creir ei waith a wydr plwm grisial wedi ei chwythu a cheg sydd wedyn yn cael ei gludweithio a,l roi yn yr odyn dron ar ol tro i greu nifer o gyfuniadau.

Mae'n gweithio ym Mhorthmadog Eryri Cymru.


Meic Watts

Roedd Meic yn ddigon ffodus i fod yn brentis i'r cerfluniwr Jonah Jones ar ôl

gadael coleg celf. Cyflwynodd Jonah ef i'r grefft o dorri llythrennau a cherfio

llechi lleol Gogledd Cymru a mathau eraill o gerrig. Roedd Meic wedi gweithio ar

comisynau Celf Cyhoeddus ac fel artist preswyl am nifer o flynyddoedd.


Meic Watts

Meic was fortunate in being apprenticed to the sculptor Jonah Jones after leaving art

college. Jonah introduced him to letter cutting and carving in the local slates of North

Wales and various other stones. Meic has worked on Public Art commissions and

residencies for many years.

By a hare's breath I   O drwch blewyn sgwarnog  40 x 40cm square  £295

Six thinking hats 30x30cm Domed sculpture Crystal glass   Gwydr  grisial.  £495

By a hare's breath II  O drwch blewyn sgwarnog    60 x 40cm             £495

Murmur of Wings Sibrydion adenydd 40 cm square £395

Les Symonds   





Rwy'n frwd dros wneud darnau artistig gan ddefnyddio pren lleol sy'n gyforiog o nodweddion naturiol. Rwy'n defnyddio deunyddiau fel lledr a chopr I wella fy ngwaith, ac mae llawer o fy narnau yn cynnwys styffiu a/neu phwytho.

1....Stitches/Pwythau.....spalted beech bowl with leather thong stitch-work 20cm x 11cm £110


2...Tall Pot/Pot Dal.... (dry vase) in distressed oak with single cabochon of snowflake obsidian. 27cm x 13cm £135


3...Branwen's Cauldron/Pair interpretation of a mythical piece from Welsh folklore, scorched ash with verdigris wax and copper gild-cream, 25cm x 18cm £125


4...Spalted beech platter and stand/ Plât Ffawydden Brith efo safiad...with scorched bead detail and cabochons of semi-precious stones set in ebony mounts. 40cm Diameter £215







Marion Wagstaff


My work is an eclectic mix both in media and subject matter. Taking inspiration from the natural world through visual research and interpretation. My style is a realistic representation of what I see.


I can be contacted through my email address:-


Llanberis Pass. Framed watercolour triptych 46x60cm £145

Porthmadog Harbour. Framed watercolour 25x47cm £95

A Different View. Framed Pen and Ink 34x46cm £112

Humble Bee. Framed watercolour 47x39cm £125



Su Walls 



Facebook: Su Walls

I also have a just growing proper web site.

Painter/Printmaker specialising in collagraph.




My subject matter is mainly from local flora, fauna and ancient historical remains and myths. I really enjoy experimenting with a range of media. Lots of hand made prints for sale.


A Llyn View

Acrylic Ink

22" wide 8" high Unframed £50

Snake in the Grass

Etching on paper

1 of 4

10" sguare - unframed £35

Past Historic Books

10 etched images of Historical Sites in North West Wales.

2 formats - Hand stitched or glued as a concertina

Superb quality printing from Snowdonia Press.

Approx. 12" high by 10" wide.

Jan Woods  




Mae fy amgylchedd yn dylanwadu arnaf i yma nghanol mynyddoedd a thraethau Gogledd Cymru, a hefyd y pethau redw i'n dod o hyd iddyn nhw wrth deithio. Rydw i'n dal ddefnyddio amrywiaeth o gyfryngau.

I am influenced by my surroundings here amongst the mountains and beaches in North Wales and also by what I find on my travels. I use a variety of media.

Grand Canyon  Collage nfs

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