Jane Lelliott   

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I make pottery inspired by my love of the flora, fauna and landscape in the area I live. I work in both stoneware and terracotta, handbuilding and wheel thrown, making functional and sculptural pieces. They are then fired either in an electric or gas kiln.

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Platter and Bowl

Platter - earthenware clay with white glaze, sgraffito design and driftwood handle.  Bowl - earthenware clay, slip with sgraffito decoration outside, glaze inside, driftwood handle.


Platter and Bowl Jane L.jpeg



Earthenware clay, slip and sgraffito design outsie, glaze inside with driftwood handles.



Jugs Jane L.jpeg

Three Bowls


Earthenware clay with slip and and sgraffito decoration outside, glaze inside, one with driftwood handle.

Tair powlen

3 Bowls Jane L.jpeg