Jane Lelliott   

E-bost/Email janeylel@hotmail.co.uk

I make pottery inspired by my love of the flora, fauna and landscape in the area I live. I work in both stoneware and terracotta, handbuilding and wheel thrown, making functional and sculptural pieces. They are then fired either in an electric or gas kiln.

1 ‘Inclein’

Hand built stoneware jug with sgraffito representing a slate quarry incline and decorated using slips and engibes on the outside, black glaze inside

Jwg clai caled wedi hadeiladu â llaw. Sgraffito inclein chwarel, slipiau, engobes â gwydredd du ty mewn.

Approx 7” tall and 41/2” wide   Not for Sale


2 Spoons
Hand built stoneware spoons decorated with glaze and oxides

Wedi wneud â llaw efo clai caled, addurnedig efo gwydredd a oxides

Various sizes 5-8” long   £10 each


3 Espresso Mugs
Thrown stoneware decorated with glaze and oxides

Mwg Espresso
Wedi wneud a’r olwyn, efo clai caled a gwydredd a oxides

21/2” tall, 21/2-3” deep, 21/2” wide   £18 each


4 Mug and Jug
Thrown Earthenware mug and jug decorated with spraffito, slips and engobes and finished with a clear glaze.

Mwg a jwg
Wedi wneud a’r olwyn efo clai pridd, addunedig gyda sgraffito, slipiau a engobes a orffen efo gwydredd clîr.

Mug 4”tall, 3” wide   Jug 4” tall, 2-3” wide    Mug £20  Jug £15


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