Mick Rogers 

E-bost/Email  randr_studioglass@btinternet.com

01758 612216


I use the medium of kiln-formed glass to make 3D glass pictures and glass bowls. Gwynedd landscapes influence my work.


Abstract Bowl – approx.. 30 cm square - £150.00


Abstract Bowl 1 - approx. 25 cm square - £100.00


Snowdon – approx. 45 cm high x 30 cm wide - £200.00


The Llyn – approx. 45 cm square - £150.00


All are kiln-formed glass fired at a high temperature. Snowdon and The Llyn are glass pictures in a stainless-steel frame.


Mick Rogers studied at the world-famous International Glass Centre in Stourbridge, West Midlands. His work has been exhibited in major galleries throughout England and Wales, and has been sold to collectors throughout the world.

Mick Rogers Snowdon.JPG
Mick Rogers Abstract Bowl.jpg

Abstract Bowl


Mick Rogers Glass Bowl 1.jpg

Abstract Bowl 1

Mick Rogers The Llyn.JPG

The Llyn