Rosalie Bissell

My inspirations are many and varied including the Gwynedd landscapes - I am too fickle to want to pursue the same line of inquiry to the exclusion of others; the same applies to the range of materials that I use. 


I enjoy the challenge of finding something new to say and hope that my work demonstrates life from a slightly different point of view.

I can be contacted at

The Ultimate Tail Ends

Bont Fechan 2020

Mixed Media

Unframed 10" x 13.5 £110

Goats in the Garden.

11" x 15.5" unframed

Mixed Media £90

Wringing out the Tears

Graphite on tissue paper Framed

13" x 13" £90

Polishing the Past

Image 8" x 8" Graphite on Tissue paper

Framed £90

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