Terry Mills


I’ve had a camera since my early teens but never took it seriously until I bought an SLR for a hitchhiking trip round USA, Canada and Mexico in 1978.

After that photography became very much a passion. I taught myself how to do darkroom work and learnt more as I went along.

As time went by, I became more competent and took on odd commissions including the occasional wedding.

It wasn’t until I moved to Wales in 2001 that I bought my first digital camera which I felt to be a revolution. Everything was directly under my control.

These days, I enjoy portraiture and street photography. My hobby can be exciting and takes me to places I wouldn’t ordinarily go. And I meet all sorts of interesting people and love to capture their image.

I like to see my photographs used, so I do quite a lot of promotional community stuff. I take on projects - social documentary photography is an important part of recording history and life around us.

I would hope this side of my photography will eventually be lodged in the Archives at Caernarfon.

Terry Mills, CPAGB, AWPF, Hon NWPA.

Terry Mills Vase of wild flowers. Still

Vase of Wild Flowers

Terry Mill by Lorraine August 2019a.jpg

Terry Mills by Lorraine

Terry Mills Lynda Roberts, landscape art
Terry Mills Sunset on Bardsey. An in-cam

Portrait of landscape artist Lynda Roberts

Terry Mills Su Walls, printmaker. Two pi

Bardsey Island

in camera double exposure

Portrait of Printmaker Su Walls