Val Lewin   



My heart is drawn to folklore and special places, misty horizons, stormy seas and mossy woods. I weave these themes with washes of pattern and colour.

During 2020 and the assorted lockdowns I began experimenting with acrylic ink. I love it’s fluidity and gentle colours, it suited my frame of mind and, combined with the joy of painting on cotton rag paper, I discovered a new style that consumed me. 

Also I found time for more enamelling.

Enamel is made using finely powdered, coloured glass. I kiln fire it onto copper at around 800 degrees Celsius which hardens it to a smooth surface. By experimenting with different colours, temperatures and anything from three to six firings all sorts of beautiful effects are created. The pieces are filed, polished and buffed then either fitted with silver hooks or chains and the brooches assembled.  I am now a member of the Guild of Enamellers.

In September I was lucky enough to join the artisans at POP in Porthmadog


Val Lewin Trwyn Du.jpg
Val Lewin 2.jpg

Trwyn Du Lighthouse, Anglesey

£195.00  Painting

21 x 30cm (43 x 53cm including frame)

Orange flowers with green stems  £120.00  Painting

20 x 20cm (33 x 33cm including frame)

Val 1.jpg
Val 2.jpg